Döner bags 16 x 16 cm - 4000 pieces

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Our döner paper has been specially developed for use on the kebab grill and offers a safe and hygienic way to eat döner, burgers and other foods without any mess.
Paper Doner Bags – a must on every kebab grill – separate the doner meat from the kebab skewer, fill the bread and place it safely in the leak-proof paper Doner Kebab Bag and enjoy.
Our kebab paper and kebab paper bags are hygienic and environmentally friendly and provide a perfect way to transport kebabs and other foods in a safe and hygienic way.

✅ Our kebab rolling papers have an attractive white design and a red kebab man print to give your snack or restaurant a professional look.
Our high-quality snack bags (4000 pieces) are supplied in practical dispenser boxes so that you can use them comfortably. Each package is carefully packed, so that you are assured of a reliable and efficient supply of kebab paper.



16 cm


90 mm


4000 pieces





Döner bags 16 x 16 cm - 4000 pieces

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Kartonnen Koffiebekers

Goedkopedisposable.nl levert gegarandeerd goedkope en kwalitatieve kartonnen bekers van hoge kwaliteit. Onze goedkope koffiebekers van karton zijn gefabriceerd van stevig karton, met een beschermende coating. De bekers blijven onder alle omstandigheden stevig en zijn 100% lekvrij. Bij ons vindt u niet alleen koffiebekers van schotse look maar ook andere modellen en maten. Niet goed is geld terug!