Shirt carrier bags HDPE 30+18x55 cm 17my 2000 pieces

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Shopping without a tote bag is almost unthinkable these days. Whether in snack bars, kiosks, at the weekly market or in the supermarket, the food or items sold must be transported somehow. This is exactly where our shirt tote bags come into play. The white/transparent carrier bags are 55 cm long and therefore have a capacity of almost 15 liters. This gives you enough space to easily store the sold items in the carrying bag. In addition, our plastic bags have a thickness of 17 my and are therefore tear-resistant (as long as you do not overfill the bag). Another point is that the bags are tasteless and odorless. So you can transport all your food with the bag without any worries. However, the carrier bags are not only suitable for shopping. Our plastic bags can also be very useful when sending items. They are ideal for shipping loose items dust- and splash-proof. If your store sells a lot of take-away items, then you are making the right decision with this carrier bag, which you can use specifically for your own marketing or profiling on the market.

Scope of delivery: The carrier bags are delivered to you in a package of 2000 shirt bags.



55 cm


30 cm


330 ml





Shirt carrier bags HDPE 30+18x55 cm 17my 2000 pieces

Duurzame Koffiebekers

Kartonnen Koffiebekers levert gegarandeerd goedkope en kwalitatieve kartonnen bekers van hoge kwaliteit. Onze goedkope koffiebekers van karton zijn gefabriceerd van stevig karton, met een beschermende coating. De bekers blijven onder alle omstandigheden stevig en zijn 100% lekvrij. Bij ons vindt u niet alleen koffiebekers van schotse look maar ook andere modellen en maten. Niet goed is geld terug!