Snack containers A9 Kraft paper - 100 pieces

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Looking for the right snack bowls? You've come to the right place!

Product description: Fast food in different variations is an important part of daily life for many people. During the lunch break it often has to be done quickly, which is why practical packaging for fresh and hot food is very important. With this modern snack box made of environmentally friendly material, you offer your customers a special solution that makes a difference at first glance. Our food containers have the dimensions 15x10x3.5 cm. It doesn't matter whether you want to use the bowls for a private party or for your company. The snack containers can be used anywhere. The kraft paper from which the product is made and the internal coating ensure that the bowls are leak-proof. This means that you can easily eat spicy and fatty foods, such as: B. Fill the cardboard boats with currywurst or something similar. However, our disposable dishes do not only excel because of their functionality. In addition, they are very environmentally friendly, because the kraft paper from which the bowls are made comes from sustainable forestry. If your company sells a lot of takeaway meals, you are making an environmentally conscious choice with this packaging, which you can use specifically for your own marketing or profiling on the market.

Design: The simple design provides a high-quality appearance and stands out from conventional take-away containers. This can have a positive impact on the taste experience of your customers. Because as we know: the eyes eat too!

Scope of delivery: Our snack trays are welded in packs of 50 pieces. Delivered to you in packs of 2 x 50 (100 pieces).



9,4 cm


3.5 cm


330 ml


Kraft paper



Snack containers A9 Kraft paper - 100 pieces

Duurzame Koffiebekers

Kartonnen Koffiebekers levert gegarandeerd goedkope en kwalitatieve kartonnen bekers van hoge kwaliteit. Onze goedkope koffiebekers van karton zijn gefabriceerd van stevig karton, met een beschermende coating. De bekers blijven onder alle omstandigheden stevig en zijn 100% lekvrij. Bij ons vindt u niet alleen koffiebekers van schotse look maar ook andere modellen en maten. Niet goed is geld terug!